Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the nature of things...

it turned out
she didn't mind.

I remember my mom,
bless her beautiful loving soul,
wanted me to play with pretty
dolls and other girl things.
She said I preferred trucks and
the boxes they came in,
and books.
I was her first and a girl.
Why not ruffles and lace?
As it turned out, eventually,
I went my way toward
feminine. Love songs, make-up,
high heels. Within reason.
As it turned out,
she didn't mind at all
and kept on loving
And I loved her back.


Anonymous said...


You still got that smile Doll-face :-)

Jean said...

aww...thanks, Mark.

kdzu said...

And that's what Mother's do.

Love us.

It's always seemed strange to me that so many of the 'Christian' faiths would slit your throat if you suggest that perhaps God has a wife.
If you have a heavenly Father doesn't it make sense that you have a heavenly Mother?

Awwww......lookit that doll in the chair holding a toy.

Jean said...

Larry, ah, yes...the bride doll she hoped I'd want. According to the date on the side of the photo, I was six.
I've given up trying to analyze organized religion.

boneman said...

well, it's because you're so lovable, babe

Jean said...

oops, Larry. I miscalculated. Five, going on six.

aww, thanks, Berry.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Mums are good like that.

Fred said...

Great photos Jean!

Thanks for sharing.

Jean said...

J Cosmo, yes they are.

Thank you, Freddie! Hope you are well. I still check in often.

Doom said...

Moms scare me. I have three. Sometimes none of them like me. They all love me though. What is that? Never mind, just love them, obey them, and cherish them. You can't outgrow being their child.

Even when they are gone they aren't. Is that part of what hurts so much? Yeah, but some of that kind of pain is good. It means love is in there. There is a reason some religions allows mothers to be goddesses to their children. Even pagans know.

Fred said...

I am well. Thanks. :)

Neuse River North Carolina said...

how old are you at that pics?