Monday, December 19, 2011

Haiku Monday - spin...

it's all in how you
see it, feel it, believe it.
that's your spin on it.

flattened against the
wall, lights streaking overhead.
ride life's tilt-a-whirl.

It's Haiku Monday time and the topic
is spin.
This week's host is Fleur.


boneman said...

and after the spin
when we fall and hit our chin
but now complainin'...

Jean said...

ha! Very good, Berry.

Doom said...

I have been working very hard at getting rid of spin. The thing is, the truth hurts. I suppose I will never quite get rid of my spin but I have dug in pretty far. I don't believe it has anything to do with how I feel, the world, life, etc. How I feel is only feedback regarding what I am doing, mostly. Is that different for women, as you see things?

The second one is nauseatingly true. I still remember loving those rides, not knowing that was going to be a preview of life, on so many fronts. Still, even in life, that can be a fun part.

Jean said...

Doom - what I mean here is, 'spin' is everyone's version of their reality.

As far as the tilt-a-whirl...there is not enough money to get me on one of those again! heh.

Doom said...

Oh, I know what you meant. And I meant what I said. I am looking for objective truth, not for my life but for all. It means learning a type of stoicism, if I don't believe in the philosophy as a way of life. I just think stoicism is what is needed when truly thinking of matters. Perhaps you are right, and we cannot escape the black hole of our emotional self, and how that can force us to see, thus explain, things. But I am trying anyway.

Look, ma'am, no feelings!!! :p

the walking man said...

The second one pretty much caught the flavor of my mood of late.

Joe said...

A Haiku of Youth

Too much fun and beer
the bed spins up down right left
I think I will puke

Jean said...

No feelings, eh? Hard work, that.

Life slams and spins, indeed, Mark.

Ha!, Joe. One of the contestants wrote something similar. Reminds me of college.