Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's easy to forget...

I've been whining a lot lately.

I still don't have insurance because Medicaid has been dragging
its' ass since May. That means I've had to pay 100% out of pocket
for all my diabetes meds and supplies. I can't afford to do that
much longer. Medicaid doesn't care.
Plus, I owe about $40,000 in hospital and doctor bills.
Medicaid doesn't care about that, either. 

 Oh, and... the quack I was assigned to in the hospital is a moron.

The second reason I wish Medicaid would hurry the fuck up is
so I can find a new doctor with at least half a functioning brain.

Then, the other day, I got slapped upside the head, figuratively
speaking; A friend I've known for nearly 40 years was recently
diagnosed with brain, lung and bone cancer. Stage 4. 
Someone emailed a photo of him. I would not have
recognized him if I hadn't been told who it was. 
He looks like a Nazi death camp survivor. Skin over skeleton.

It breaks my heart. And it makes me ashamed of myself.

Life is short and time is so easily wasted.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Just got home...

after spending a week in the hospital.

Went to the ER because of a boil that had become a horrible abscess. 
(I know TMI.)
They admitted me and asked how long I had diabetes. Huh?
My blood sugar was a bit high... 400.
Two days later, they said I had MRSA.
I insisted I'd been in the hospital eleven days but paperwork
and my sisters proved it was "only" seven.
My head is still a bit fuzzy and I'm more than a little pissed
off that I have to inject insulin four times a day.

I'll try to finish this on a positive note:
the weather has been beautiful.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring haiku...

Spring sunset glows gold.
Wind gently moves clouds away.
Then the glow is gone.