Monday, December 12, 2011


"So, you're a carpenter and a wood-carver?" she asked.
He smiled. "And anything else I need to be at the moment."

She caught a movement in the trees to her left.
Felt herself drawn to the movement and in less than a
blink she was in the trees, in the mist.

"Are you frightened?" the mist asked.
"No. Should I be?"
It said "Darlin', you've never been safer."

She watched as features took soft shape; dark hair, even
darker eyes that smiled. The faint form of a strong, healthy

She wrinkled her brow. "I can't see your clothes but you
aren't naked, either. Oh, shit. Are you a ghost?
Why does it feel like I know you?"

"Because you do. In a way.
You know me even though we've never met.
I'm not a ghost. You're seeing my soul.
And, it's your soul that I'm talking to right now."

With a gasp of recognition she said "I didn't know you
were gone! I was coming here to meet you."

"I told everyone it was happening. Turned out to be
sooner than I thought. No tears, babe.
This is a better way."

"We were friends." she whispered.

"That hasn't changed. Except it's even better now.
Listen to me... there is no human way to imagine this.
It is perfection here. Accept that. You'll feel better.
I was wrong about a lot of it. Or, at least the way I
wrote about it."

"You were wrong? Imagine that." she smiled.

"Don't be a smart-ass. I tried the best I could. Just like you.
People make a struggle out of it and it doesn't need to be.
Actually, we don't get a choice. This is the way it is.
This is, I am, nothing is anything like anyone has ever
been able to imagine. It is unknown until you get here."

She tried to glance back over her shoulder, where she had
been. How long ago?

"Don't worry about your friend." The mist knew what
she was thinking. "No one can see you here. When you go
back, he won't know you've been gone.
There is no 'time' here. It's all 'now', and now is forever.
Now and forever are one in perfection. This is not the end,
there is no stopping."

"What about the end times?"

"They've come and gone many times and will continue.
They are neverending, too."

She hesitated. "What about the Son?"

"Same as us. He lived. He tried. He died. He's fine."

"And the Bad Ones?"

"They're here, too. Just not here here. Another part of
the perfection of the perfect balance. Another unimaginable."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because you need it the most and you doubt it the most
and you want it the most. Now go back to the party."

"Will I see you again?"

"Of course. You'll see everyone, all the time,
at the same time. Always.
Go for now. Let life bring your stories and remember
you are loved."
The carpenter was staring at her. "You're looking
a bit pale. Am I boring you?"

"Oh, no. It must be jet lag. Something like a dozen time
zones and I get here three hours before I took off. Or,
something like that." She blushed.

"Well, how about I walk you back to your hotel and you
try to get a good night's sleep? Would you let me take
you to breakfast tomorrow and show you around a bit?"

She took out her notebook. He offered a pen.
She looked at his face, dark hair, darker eyes and said,
"Well, my plans have changed a bit. So, yes. I'd like that."

She wrote her number on a corner of the page, tore it off
and gave it to him. Then she wrote:
'his eyes matched the sky,
both wonder and thunder.'

Feeling a soft breath on her neck, she glanced at the trees,
saw the mist fade away.

Not a ghost. Not a dream.

A memory.

(originally posted 7-28-08. Don't freak. I'm leaving all comments
from then because some are from Bane.)


Bane said...

VERY nice. Well done.

Jean said...

I thank you, darlin'

AspergantuS said...

OMG... Jean is this all you?

kdzu said...

Inspired.......I think.

Jean said...

Mick, what do you mean "all me"?
It started with a snippet of a dream and I built it from there.

Larry, not sure, eh? :-)

kdzu said...

No. I think it is inspired. Rather, I should say, you were.

Jean said...

ahhhhh. I get it. Thank you, dear.

boneman said...

Not like you've heard it, but, wow!

And do I ever mean 'WOW!'

AspergantuS said...

What I'm saying is, this little piece that you wrote is some of your finest work... I mean I was blown away by it.
You are so talented.
This should be published as a short story.

Bane said...

Jesus? I hardly think so.

curmudgeon said...

Okay, step out of the shower, turn the light on and let the fan dissipate the steam.

Jean said...

Berry - so glad you like it.

Mick - ok, now I'm blushing.

Thank you, Dianne. uh, not quite :-)

Bane - heh.

Dave, it was mist not steam :-)

Bane said...

Darlin, I keep rereading this, and it blows me away more each time. It is, with a certainty, the finest thing you have ever written. One of the finest things I have ever read. Ever.

What a well of talent you have inside you.

Irrelephant said...

"It's all 'now.'" I love that. You managed to imply, either intending to or not, the essence of Zen--living forever in the moment. Brava on a beautiful piece of work, Jean!

Jean said...

Bane, your praise blows me away.

Irrel, funny you should mention...I just started reading 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance'. Haven't come acrosse his zen yet. Not sure I can work through this one.
Thank you :-)

Maiden said...

Wow, cool!

I enjoyed this very much, good way to start the day.

Irrelephant said...

Jean, it was a good book and a little bit of a letdown. If you want some real nuts-and-bolts Zen, try Paul Reps' "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones." EXCELLENT primer on the subject, and my new holy book.

Jean said...

thanks, Maiden. It's something different for me.

Thanks Paul, I'll add it to my list!

Valerie - Still Riding said...

I recognize a place I've been

Thank you

k said...

That was truly great. Wonderful.

kdzu said...

Still just as powerful as the first time I read it.
I had already experienced one spiritual miracle today and this makes two that I have recognized.
Maybe blessings would be a better word. I need to be on the lookout for more.

the walking man said...

odd the memory we collect in the mind, and the way we express them. This was a fascinating dialog Jean.

Jean said...

Larry, I hope you find even more blessings every day.

Mark, this came from bits and pieces of a dream. I rarely remember my dreams but this stayed with me so I felt compelled to expand it into this. Thank you.

Joe said...

I remember this from the first time. Still very powerful.

kdzu said...

This still gives me goose bumps.
And Peace.

I believe there are those who have this kind of peace every moment of their now lives. Whatever their past, whatever their future, to have that Now Peace is a wonderful thing.

I also believe we can all have it. We can't grab it, we can't force it..
..we just have it, if we want it.

God Bless Darlin'

Jean said...

Thank you, Joe. That means a lot.

Peace... Larry, I think that was the feeling that I felt most when I wrote it. Good feeling.
Bless you, too, my friend.

Michael Morse said...

Incredible. Something always draws me here when I need it most. I'm glad I stopped by, actually, I'm always glad I stopped by, but today even more so. I came here from A Power Within, and there is a reason for all of this, I guess it's Now.

Jean said...

Michael, I'm slowly learning that Now is the best reason of all.