Sunday, December 11, 2011

Haiku Monday - silver...

Angel waiting for
ringing bells conferring wings.
Atta boy, Clarence.

As the Lone Ranger
said, "Hi-yo, Silver! Away!"
Don't forget Tonto.

two-winged silver bells
aren't silver at all. a
delicate flower.


This week's Haiku Monday is hosted by Fishy.
The topic is 'silver'.
C'mon and play.


fishy said...

A silver screen classic, a mighty silver horse, natural beauty and diverse haiku !!!!! Way to start the competition :-)

Jean said...

I never know what path my mind will take. And, if the path forks...oh lawdy.

foam said...

fishy picked a neat theme. and you came up with great haiku!

Jean said...

Thanks, Foam. I hope you're in this week.

♫NWM♫ said...

where do you post the Haiku?

Jean said... on the link I have at the end of the post for Fishy.
She is the host this week.

(good to see you again!)

Boxer said...

All three are very different and I like them.... especially the last one. Glad you played this week!

♫NWM♫ said...

Thanks Jean...

Jean said...

Thank you, Boxer. I'm glad, too. I played in another weekly haiku contest a while back and I've missed it.

*Poop* :-)

DeepBlue said...

WOW! The last one would be a real contender for me!

Jean said...

Thank you, DB. Alas, I didn't even make the finals. Oh, well. there's always next week.