Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kudos to Kristen...

I be braggin' again...
Do you see the little cutie in the photo
up there, sitting on her daddy's shoulders?
That would be my niece, Kristen, about
eighteen (?) years ago.
She has since grown up to be a most lovely
young lady who...
graduated from college yesterday!
This is one hard-working, ambitious, intelligent gal.
She took double classes in high school and
graduated a year early.
While holding down a job, yo.
She, like her brother, excels at everything she does.

A college diploma, what a marvelous Christmas present, eh?

This is the newest photo I have of the
whole, happy family, taken at her brother's
high school graduation this June.
('ll notice that her daddy has not been
using Rogaine. heh. Help him out, Santa.)

She'll be looking for work in teaching, editing,
writing and/or advertising.

I'm very proud of you, little girl, and
I wish you the best in all things always.
Much love to you, Kristen.


boneman said...

good for not using drugs on his head.

boneman said...

which reminds me...
Is that frame broken?

Jean said...

One corner separated.

the walking man said...

I hope she finds the doors that are unlocked for recent grads. Just please not in advertising.

Fred said...

In my book proud aunts are allowed to brag.

And you've every right to be proud.

Jean said...

Mark, I think her preferences are teaching or editing. Advert is a back-up.

Thanks, Fred, I thought so, too.

Neuse River North Carolina said...

seems she just graduated few days passed

congratulation her ;)