Friday, December 16, 2011

Blue Spring Gentle Giants...

My friend Jan took all four photos on this page.

Park rangers said they counted 66 manatees this day.
We saw a couple dozen.

A mama sea cow and two babies,
most likely only one is hers.

Mama liked doing rollovers.


boneman said...

it's great they survived the ever destructive nature of man.

thanx, gal, for sharing.

Doom said...

I've always wondered how... nice those creatures are. Would they let us swim in their water? Not that I necessarily would, it would seem rude. But imagine if you didn't know, got in for a swim, and... *boo*

Are they endangered, seriously? They look so interesting, in any case. I wonder if they are just as curious about us?

the walking man said...

I don't think I'd be as concerned about swimming with the manatees as i would the gators.

Jean said...

Gators and water snakes, Mark. ew.

People come here to swim, snorkle and scuba. Except, when the manatees are here from about November to April, then humans are not allowed in the water.
Manatees are not dangerous to humans but we are their only predator/danger. They are, indeed, endangered. Many, many of them have scars on their backs from boat propellers.

The pics of the manatees at the bottom of the steps are only a few feet away from people. I think it would be like swimming with dolphins, if we were allowed.

Read the link in the post below, it's fascinating.

♫NWM♫ said...

I love Blue Springs... been there many times... Great pix Jean and Jan... hmm... Jan and Jean... sounds like a 60's group! lol

Jean said...

Ha! yes it do, NWM.
Was only the second time I'd been there. Love it.

foam said...

I guess you can't go down the steps to pet them? That would be cool. The manatees might not think that though.

Jean said...

I don't think the manatees would mind at all, Foam. Unfortunately, because they are endangered, no one can touch them. That's why they ban swimming etc. when they are in the spring waters.