Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blue Spring State Park...

Took another walk-about, this time to
Blue Spring, to ooh and ah at the manatees
that enjoy the warm waters here in the winter.
Before we got to the manatees and other wildlife, we wandered
over to the Thursby House. One of the founding families
for this area and who originally owned this huge property...

An artist's rendition of a manatee in mosaic
lounges on the front porch. (Just for you, Boxer!)

It started to rain lightly, so we ducked into
the gift shop for shelter and browsing.
That's my friend, Jan, looking at manatee
Christmas ornaments on the tree. She's

taking a day off from bear patrol duty.

The wood sculpture of the mama sea cow
and her calf is about four feet tall.

When the rain stopped, we headed for the park trail,
after taking good note of the warning signs for the
ever-possible alligator. Watch out, Jimbo! heh.

Yes, I took photos of the manatees and oodles of
other nature-y things. Have patience, folks.
This could be a series, like the roses and autumn hiking.


foam said...

i love outings like this! it's been a while since i've seen trees with the moss.

Jean said...

It was a very good and much needed day, Foam. I'll be posting a bunch more photos. I took 80 and kept 70.
Plus a few that Jan took will get posted, too.

Doom said...

It is good to see you on a walk-about. It stops being all about you. In spite of all being about you? Yes, somehow. God has a way with psychic poetry of existence, or... something.

Ouch. Strained something there. :p

Neuse River North Carolina said...

there were pretty shots you have made there...