Saturday, May 29, 2010


some day is a big if.

what if might never.

too late could be now.


kdzu said...

Too late could be now
I'll keep on anyhow
The darkness of night
Is followed by sunshine bright
I strive with all my might
to reach the day
leave behind the night
live my life in this way
that looking back
my kith and kin will say
He was a tough son-of-a-buck

I love your musings, they cause me to ponder.

boneman said...

too late could be now
even more darker would be
"too late was years ago"
but it doesn't matter if you're with me.

I'de rather lose a dozen times
I don't care who's at the wheel.
you're driving, I'm driving...
Moxnix. It's all in what we feel...

when we're together.

Jean said...

aw, look... I get beautiful poetry in my comments ♥

Yunus said...

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