Friday, May 14, 2010

just a quickie...

For those who read here and were also on my
friend's list at FaceBook... I dumped FB.

I signed up about a year ago because one of my
brothers asked me to and I figured, whatthehell,
it's another way to keep in touch with family.
Then, I came across more and more bloggers there
(including some who have cut way back on blogging),
did the friend thing and also found bunches of new
peeps and organizations. Then, after my high school
class reunion, some of those folks were found there, too.
None of the above is a bad thing at all.

Unfortunately, sooooooo many of the folks on FB spend
much of their time gifting and gaming and not much else.
Sorry, that's just not my thing. Plus, I'm very leery about how
FB shares everyone's info with who-the-hell-knows-who.
I was also noticing a major increase of spam crap in my email.
Since I quit, that has dropped dramatically. Coincidence? meh.

I also used my page to advertise the Pondering....... store.
In all that time I noticed only three hits from FB.

All in all, I came to the conclusion that it was a waste of time
for me. I have other things to do.

However, there was absolutely nothing personal about
my decision to go away. Different strokes for different folks, right?
As far as I know, the FB folks who read this blog had been
reading here before then, so I hope I haven't lost any readers
since I closed that page. If so, such is life.

On another, better, topic; I'm working on new products
for the Pondering....... store. Hope to bring one or two out
in a few weeks.
Come to think of it... do you have a preference between t-shirts,
coffee mugs or cards? Any and all suggestions are welcome, as
always. Leave your opinions in comments or email me.

After all that so-called 'quickie' stuff... Have a great weekend!


boneman said...

would be a great weekend if I could get a quickie...

Jean said...

ha!...that'd make two of us.

the walking man said...

Yeah I am wondering about the use of FB too. really I never go there to say anything I haven't said on my blog and my blog gives me more options for control about what gets left there.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Facebook is trivia on steroids. I wander it a bit but the stupid thing is, the more 'friends' you have the less you see of them because new stuff pushes the interesting posts off screen.

Jean said...

I agree, Mark and JCN. I guess I am hooked on blogging.

Froth said...

Facebook is totally cluttered and a clusterf* I joined because in the event of ahurricane maybe peeps would know what's happening. Hell, they'll know anyway.
There's all this STUFF that I don't care about on it.
I think you made a good decision.

Jean said...

I keep hearing more and more complaints about FB and more and more people leaving it.
The last electronic games I played were Space Invaders and Pong. That tells me something right there.

Anonymous said...

Kel uses Facechump, but I just can't bring myself to signing up.


Jean said...

I really don't trust it, Dick.

♫NWM♫ said...

I have a myspace, because my kids said they use that so I figured I could stay in touch with them easier that way... then they got a facebook account, so I got facebook account...
It's so intrusive...
Everyday I have friend requests from 27 million people that I don't even know...

I hate facebook......
I hate myspace......

I am blogger!


Jean said...

I hear ya, NWM. Lately, though, I'm not a very good blogger, either.

boneman said...

No, but, staying on topic, I bet you do great quickies.


Jean said...

Well, I don't wanna brag...


Andrea said...

Did you know you can block all those annoying FB game things that people post. Not that I disagree about FB and it being a waste of time, I waste FAR too much time on it. But just so ya know, you can choose to hide all of those game application announcements and just get status updates from your friends. Once I did that I was a much happier camper.

Privacy is another thing. I locked down access to my profile and I use a gmail email address that I never/rarely check for my account on FB, though I don't have the spam problem you describe. I don't give out my real info unless I really know ya.

Just my 2 cents - which probably ain't even worth that when it comes to FB. :)

Jean said...

Those are all good pointers, Andrea.
thank you! :-)