Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here it is, again, so soon...

the weekend already.
Time now seems to pass
in weeks, not days.
roll by too easily,
another year will be gone in a minute.
I am getting older far too quickly.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

You and me both, Jean!

foam said...

i know!
what's up with that!?

Jean said...

well, Mr. N, at least I'm not alone.

Foam, beats the helloutta me. sheesh.

Michael Morse said...

It's the weekend? Already?

Damn, how did that happen. Next thing you'll be telling me it's March. 2005.

kdzu said...

Just as long as you never grow UP.
Me and Peter Pan.
I'm gonna live 'til I'm 192, just so I can aggravate my great-great grand children's children.
I wonder if we'll have grown balls enough to go back to the moon by then?

Jean said...

Michael, ha. Exactly!

Larry, growing up doesn't seem to be on the agenda...I think. 192, eh?
Now that's a goal!

kdzu said...

No use setting a goal if it's easy to achieve. As the Righteous Brothers sang, "To reach the un-reachable stars".