Monday, May 03, 2010

I don't need no stinkin' rules... do I?

it is my inclination,
when there is no stipulation,
to run amok
until I'm stuck
in full-blown consternation.

my half-wit trail blazing
can leave me more than crazing.
I huff and wheeze
and groan and squeeze,
stuck in mental constipating.

I'm planning propositions
based on learned intuitions.
one good deal
would grease the wheel,
and keep me out of institutions.

if someone did the laundry
that would lessen much the quandary,
to leave more time
to make more rhyme
and go back to being bawdry.


kdzu said...

Bravo. Keep on being Bawdry.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yes! Go back to bawdry!

Someone, anyone, do the laundry!

Freddie said...

Love this Jean.

Like so many of your writings - I can SO relate, and yet I can't.

Learned institutions? ...Sounds intriguing.

Jean said...

Larry, I'm workin' on it ;-)

Mr. N- I hope someone hears you.

Freddie- thanks, gal. Actually, the phrase is 'learned intuitions'. As in gut feeling, which isn't really learned...or, is it? hmmm...

Fred said...

Oh. HA! (Sometimes I crack myself up with what I mis-read. And even more with what I mis-HEAR sometimes.)

Jean said... problem, Fred. ;-)

the walking man said...

Wear 'em dirty, there has been to much brainwashing about the necessity of clean clothes.

Doom said...

That's good! I think. No, it's good. Good luck with that laundry help!

Jean said...

Mark, I may go that route.

thanks, Doom!