Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm going to hell for lying...

to telemarketers.

The handbasket is ready.

No matter what they're selling, I tell them I already have it
or have had it done. I can't get mad at them.
They have a lousy job. I know that because I worked
as a telemarketer twice in desperate times.

Once was one summer in college.
The phones were still rotary dials. The abuse was horrible.

The last (hopefully) time was right before I got hired by
the aerospace/computer chip/welding place. We had
already put two mortgage payments on a credit card and
I took this job to buy groceries.
I think I was slap-happy and actually had fun chatting
with all kinds of people. The only ones too busy to talk
were the folks in Georgia. They were in the middle of flooding.
That was 1995.
I think I worked there three weeks and made about $60/week.

Anyway, I know these people are hating their job and hoping
for something better soon so, I just can't be mean.
So, I lie, wish them a nice day and hang up.

It takes less time than going into a bitching tirade
and I keep smiling.


kdzu said...

And it leaves no bad taste in your mouth when you hang up.

And don't worry about the handbasket...
..I'm sure there will be lots of company on the trip.

I'll likely be a couple of handbaskets in front of you.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Pffftt! Going to Hell for a kindness? I think not. God doesn't major in the minors, and I think telemarketing is the least transcendent of transient sustenance.

Ya done good.

Even when I was a waitress in a crappy place, I never sunk to the level of my customers or the bad tippers. That still feels right.

Bou said...

I do what you do. I'm always cheerful, try not to let them waste their time, and say, "No, we have that! Thank you for calling!"

foam said...

i was applied for a telemarketing job 30 years ago when i was in college. they had me read a script. i messed it up so bad that i wasn't hired.

i'm polite, although i may cut them short. but i always wish them a "have a nice day, sweetie" before i hang up.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good advice. Not always easy to follow but good advice.

Joanna Cake said...

Im with you Jeanie, there's no need to be rude... so long as the person on the other end isnt persistent. You got the odd one or two who are so tenacious that it is impossible to stop them without putting the phone down.

Fortunately they are few and far between and, in most cases, the exchange can be short and sweet.

curmudgeon said...

Why lie? Why think up stories?
"No thank-you." Click.

Jean said...

Dave, I do that sometimes, too.

boneman said...

Or, ask them where they're from, ask them to describe their environment (city, country) ask them how their family is..."hey. I don't like these questions, what I have today is..."
"well, hey. I don't like people calling me like this, either...so, how are your parents doing?"


Doom said...

Hell isn't for having heart. A little lie that eases pain is no suffering of God's. But then, you knew that, innit?

Freddie said...

If you're goin' to hell for that, well, I shudder to think...

JihadGene said...


You're a much better person than I am. I am not a good answerer of crappy phone calls LOOONG time!!!

Great Reader KIM Jong IL
On the DMZ near Fresno

Blaez said...

i ask them to put me on the no-call list and hang up.

you are a much better person than me.

i've telemarketed myself too. hated it. didnt last but a week doing it.

Yunus said...

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