Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rescuing Providence, the book...

Michael Morse tells his story of the EMS experience
in a most compelling way. I read it in one sitting.
I'm not the only one who loves the book. It's in the
process of being made into a movie.

Click on the photo above for more info or, here.
There's also a link on my sidebar.

Ya done good, Michael. Kudos!


boneman said...


sponsored by Pondering is a pretty big thing.
(course, I'm behind in books since you sent me woman with a pearl earring.)

Jean said...

I wish I had influence that would do my friends some good. I am a tiny, tiny drop in a very big puddle.

I think you'll like the book I sent.
I hope d:-)

Grumpyunk said...

That is a great site, Jean.

Just scanned through a bit and can appreciate his stories. It also reminds me of why I got out of ambulance work and moved into the ER.

It's to weird out there in the field.

Hope you're doing well, Jean.

Michael Morse said...

Thanks for the props, Jean, much appreciated and I'm glad you liked the book.

And thanks Grumpyunk for stopping by.

Jean said...

Unk! Long time no see.
I visit your place to know you have been a busy, busy guy.

You're very welcome, Michael.