Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Speak not false love
to make me stay
then fade away.

If it means naught
for more than now
be true,
as all souls should.

Put down the mask
so I may choose,
to dance, or not.


Valerie - Still Riding said...

That's it! If I ever lay down I am not walking out again.

I know it's worth the wait to get it right, I had my share of fun when I was more limber.

Now I want it all, heart and soul, then "baby oh baby!"

I believe now it's the only way to go.

Doom said...

Oh, that one hits. I think there are some who will do as you ask, others who believe it's a game. I hate that, but then it's a close shave no matter, and I must look to my own. Still, I believe most are honest yet trust is earned not given.

Only so much introspection, only so much doubt and inspection of others, only so much time. Still, if it is right, it is worth any price. Heck, I'll hand over the leash, that part of it I own anyway. But more and riskier, I will show myself well. At this point, in truth, I could have it no other way.

Oh, question... Which one IS the mask? So many so real, do you know? Just a thought. I think if we really and honestly search to know this, that is all we can do?

Snog Dot said...

I think you got this one dead on.

AspergantuS said...

If I put down my mask... do I have to put down the cape too? If I put down my mask, you will learn my true identity and so will everyone else... and the real villians of the world will destroy me...

Ponder this I must...

Jim - PRS said...

We all must make choices, but when has the luxury of an informed choice, all the better.

That was really excellent.

Corby said...

Nice one Jean!


sparrow said...

Poetry and pith, my dear.

And Doom, the not-kicking-the-tires clause should take care of this issue, hmmm?

Jean said...

Val - we deserve it all... no settling!

Doom - I think it behooves us to pay attention and be honest about what we see in others. Our responsibility to ourselves.

Jack - if they want casual, they should be honest about that. I'm too old to play games.

Mick - We all know you're Superman, even without the mask and cape :)

Jim - thank you, I agree.
So nice to see you here again!

Corby - thanks, gal.

Sparrow - 'pith'... I like that. Thanks!

Desert Cat said...

*sigh* ok, I'll take off the suit.

See, here's my styrofoam head with the whiskers and ears. And my glued on claws.

I'm just a boy after all...

Snog Dot said...

Too old to play games? Way too old for that. Just give me pure honesty and let me suffer or flourish.

Jean said...

D.C. - a big boy, at that :)

Jack - yeah, I know what you mean.

she said...

whatever it be; harsh or tender...true. authentic. that is honorable.

AspergantuS said...

You know I don't take your poetry lightly, but you know me, I try to go for the chuckle. So here goes my attempt at a serious comment.

Honesty - Is there any thing else? Honesty is such a basic requirement, I've always considered it as the foundation for every kind of a relationship, even with yourself.

"To thine own self be true."

Jean said...

she - 'honorable'... exactly.

Mick - I agree. Without honesty, there isn't much future in anything else. At least honesty lets us know what/who we're dealing with.

Irrelephant said...

Honesty. I've been reflecting on Life as Chess Game, feints and sacrifices and all, wondering which piece honesty plays. I really like the formal cadence.