Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is it just me...

or is this blog depressing?

Why is it easier to write boohoo
than woohoo?

I need to work on that. Somehow.


Anonymous said...

In your own time at your own pace.

kdzu said...

Jean, you may at times, yourself, be depressed. With good cause I'm sure. And you write of things that are on your heart, so things that are depressing you are aired.
I don't however find your blog depressing. On the contrary I see many wonderful people commenting on your writings which elicit a variety of feelings from us, but one thing remains true. You have a lot of friends, many if not most you may not have met yet. That doesn't mean that they are not there for you if you need anything.
And that is inspiring. And indicative of your intrinsic WORTH.

Jean said...

Jack - seems like I've heard that before :)

Larry - You just made me give a big, big sigh of relief.
I very much treasure the people who read and comment here. I hope they all find something of value once in a while.

boneman said...

About life.....
Hmmm. That WOULD be a long comment, eh?

Hey, I put my cat down a b'zillion years ago but didn't get around t'crying till way later when I was burying a dog we had that got really smashed by a semi.

As for boo hoo, shoot. We live under the watchful eye of a government that doesn't give a crap about us, in states that rape and pillage our monies and income because the flippin' police want a raise and money when they retire, and we work for bastards that only care about milking us for whatever they can get their scrawney, greasey hands on and then they let us go.
And, when we go, it's to some really crap building where the people who work just want their own paychecks and if the guy or gal in the bed next to us craps their sheets, well, that ain't their job.

Screw'em all, babe!
Find whatever will make you smile the most and hang on with both hands! (And...should it need batteries once and a while, store up some extra batteries!)

Fight for what you know is right cause that way you'll never regret living.

(do not, I repeat, DO NOT join the army....)
(I'm serious, now....DO NOT JOIN the friggin' army!)

Jean said...

um, ok Berry... I promise not to join the army.
As for the batteries... wow.
I'm not depressed right now... honest :) Thank you, dear man.

boneman said...

Jean said...

thank you!... I'll give it a try so Dave doesn't think I am ignoring him (like I did on that first meme from you. I was scared. heh.)

Kim said...

You're not depressing. You're just core dumping. If that's depressing, then fuck'em if they can't take a joke.

Jean said...

kim - ha!...thanks.

Doom said...


This is a simple one. Sorrow is where your muse lives. If you paint pain and despair best, learn to be cheery about. Yeah! Another tear. Hoot! And, I do believe writing is painting, as painting is sculpting, and all kinds of crazy things. Uhm, math is language, and language is logic, etc. Oh well, I tried.

The hole I dig is too deep, so, keep crying and I will keep digging. At least we can laugh about it?

Jean said...

Doom - I like your language/logic/reason!
Some are good with humor... some are good with deep thoughts and tears, eh? OK! :)

k said...

I'm with all of the above, really. And I never find your blog depressing, either. Sad sometimes, but hey, that's life.

I get depressed reading blogs that are sad and have no upward motion, no attempts at resolution. No hope of sorting it out.

Or, the ones who are nothing but spewing angry rants all the time. Venting spleen on innocent bystanders, stuff like that. I find it depressing when readers and commenters equate that random constant anger with wisdom and honesty and courage.

From where I sit? It isn't.

Jean said...

Thanks, k.
No one has ever really complained, but I tend to worry about alllllll kinds of things. I'm glad I asked the question, though. The comments here, as always, made me feel much better.

b.c. said...

It's MUCH easier to write "boobs" than it is to write "boohoo". Well, at least it's more fun to read it. ;-)

Jean said...

b.c. - hey, stranger!
hehe...ok, that's one vote for "boobs".

Nea said...

We are all different, and even we are not always the same, some days up some down. The wonderful thing about blogging we can be who we are on any given day. I think that blogs that are always happy and not very realistic. People can't be UP all the time, or can they? Well I can't.........just isn't my nature to always be I can relate to an occasionally depressing post. Maybe I am just glad to know that there are people out there who share my mood swings...haha

Jean said...

Nea - I think you and I are quite similar.