Saturday, July 14, 2007

Black-eyed Susan...

sad flower
petals fall
as tears.
he loves me not.
he loves me
he loves
me not.
loves me


kdzu said...

A hard poem to consider. Makes one want to comfort Susan.

Jean said...

Larry - I was thinking maybe the guy in the bar might be her husband. Could be he is an ass and hurts her. Could be she doesn't know he loves her. Could be she is the ass. Am I reaching too much?

she said...

mascaraed eyes are running
tear prisms on the tips
the statement truly stunning
and bitter on her lips

Doom said...

It always seems to me that someone is being run over in romance today. I think it used to be different? Wasn't there a time when people didn't have affairs, they got married, the only dalliances were mostly pre-marital in first finding their mate? Perhaps that is myth. But if my sources have it right, no one here was alive when that was practiced. And, with secularism and some other things on the rise, none of us will see it again.

Well, people seem to enjoy their lives anyway. Broken hearts are the new scalps in this barely masked to appear civil society. I know I have a handsome stringer of love-losts-tears sets, and a bare spot or two myself where I was too slow. Shiners! :)

Jean said...

she - you paint the picture well.

Doom - No, I don't think it was ever different.

Anonymous said...

She loves me not.
She loves me not.
She loves me not.

But I wish she did...

Jean said...

Jack - it'll be ok, my friend.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Damn, Jean. This is ....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jean, it will.

AspergantuS said...

Love is a wonderful thing. But, before you can love someone, or have someone love you, you have to love yourself. If you are not worthy of your own love, how can you possibly be worthy of someone else's love. You have to reach inside, find that place, that place that defines who you are, and either redefine it or embrace it, because guess what folks, that's who you are.

Whoa... where the hell did THAT come from... I must have been channeling Dr. Phil or something...

Jean said...

EotR - ?

Jack - good for you!

Mick - sometimes, I've heard, there is someone who helps one see what is worthy in them to love.

Valerie - Still Riding said...

How bout just throwing the whole book out?

I love him,
I love
love him
I love him

My heart is safe if I love with all of it and they don't love me back. I get all the joy of loving and not a bit of the flack.

If he changes his mind, I'm all practiced up.

If he says I love you not, not a stupid flower, then I'll go on and love someone else.

Yup, it's gonna hurt again, but I know I can live through anything now, if I got through the last love in one piece.

Not trying and missing all the love - that is what I fear. I'd rather be wrong than miss the boat.

So love on girl, it's just a heart and it's been broken before. After you get past the first heart break, really, what's one more?

Jean said...

Val - ha... I like your spunk!

Valerie - Still Riding said...

It ain't spunk, it's facts. I have had this heart smashed flat a lot before the mate. I didn't always do well with that, but I survived.

Like I said, after living through the bad ones to reach a good love, why would I STOP loving now that I KNOW it can be done right?

I live. Life is love. I love.