Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's too friggin' HOT...

...and I'm miserable. Dammit.

Yes. I do know it is hot almost everywhere, and
much hotter in lots of other places. However,
I am not anywhere else... I am HERE. Dammit.
It's too hot HERE... and too HUMID.

We still have August and September to live through.
Dammit. I want October.

I have a window a/c unit in my bedroom. Ceiling fans
in all the rooms. I may have to stop being such a
penny-pincher and get another a/c unit for the room
the computer is in. I can't stay in here for long without
being drenched in sweat. (there's a sexy image, eh?)
SO... I haven't spent much time at the computer lately.
Figure if I drip sweat on the keyboard it will short out
or something and then I'll really be pissed.

No one likes me when I'm pissed. Including me.
Whine, whine, whine... dammit.

I will do one constructive thing while I am here and before
I melt....
Lee closed his 'A Slice of Life' blog. He started a new one
and I promised I'd help let people know.
The new one is, A Break From The Norm.
He only has one post up so far, because they just moved
to their new house and are getting settled. And, he works
two jobs... or is it three? Whatever. He's busy.
So, go say hi and christen his new blog all proper and stuff.
update: maybe this will work http://abreakfromthenorm.blogspot.com

I'll be around off and on. Right now... back to the cool bedroom.


Hammer said...

My computer room gets hot as hell too. I usually put a big fan in the door to get some cool air moving. However I'm usually stuck to the leather chair.

AspergantuS said...

Jean... just a thought...have you considered moving the computer to the bedroom????

I'm just saying...

Doom said...

Well, then, get the ac! Oh, I know. Money goes here, there, and everywhere anyway, so getting something you might even need hurts. Everytime I realize I need something, it's a few months away. I would send you my old window ac, but I am not sure it would be worth the shipping. It was quite good, but it's been stored for nearly two years and was three years old when stored.

At least I know you are ok. I was worried. As much that I had irrevicably antagonized some sensability as you had up and died. Well, I still may have made you angry, but at least you aren't fishing with the swimmers!

Corby said...


I KNOW-it sucks to work in hot humidity all day long. I have no AC in my studio, which is upstairs and sweltering I tell you. My oils will be melted! My computer is a laptop and it should also double as a leg fryer it gets so hot.


Valerie - Still Riding said...

I'm here, I'm reading, I heart you girl!


Freddie said...

Maybe this will help, if only a little?


Anonymous said...

Jean: A break From The Norm ain't there anymore. Just a big 404 error.

Have you considered a whole house fan?

she said...

i was born and raised in central florida. i checked: it was just as hot, give or take a year, as now. we didnt have air conditioning. we did, however, live in a classic cracker style home the kind you rarely see anymore.

anyway, cracker homes were raised off the ground and designed to for air to flow through the house by having lots of windows for cross venilation.
there was an attic fan that sucked air in and out and i kid you not, it was too cool at times.

sometimes, we would sleep outside on the screened porch when it was really really hot.

when i am in florida i am cold often because you come in from outside to a freezing store or restaurant and i think your body never has an opportunity to adjust and deal with it.

the cabin i go to is not air conditioned. im hot the first night or two.then i get past it. but by the time i get back to the city its too damn cold.

anyway, that was probably TMI but i am sorry you are hot!!!

youre still cool though.

curmudgeon said...

You need another a/c unit. Computers don't cotton to heat and humidity much. You don't want to go frying it now, do you?

ArtfulSub said...

We do have a lot of stupidly-designed houses in Florida. The old Cracker Houses that are ancestors built in the 1800s were more attuned to the climate.


boneman said...

ps, when y'get back from yer cool bedroom, y'all need to do just a lil change on he url y'left.

You have "blogspot.com./"


Lee said...

Thanks, Jean!

I have my highspeed back!!!

New post soon.

Jean said...

Hammer - sticking to the chair... ditto.

Mick - no room in that room.

Doom - your concern is appreciated. hmmm...wonder how anyone would know if I died?

Val - welcome back!

Freddie - I saw... thank you!!

Corby - wow... sounds miserable too.

Jack - don't know why the link won't work. I added the address to the post.
Good idea about the house fan.

she - I love those old cracker houses.

Dave - yeah, the 'puter has me worried a bit.

as - you're in Florida?

Berry - I checked it. Don't know what the problem is.

Lee - hey, progress!

ArtfulSub said...

Born under a bridge in Fort Liquordale. The precise location of my current bridge is classifed. But it is, indeed, within the confines of America's Finest State.

Where the boys are the squarest, the girls are the fairest...


Doom said...


The odor usuually gives it away. *grins* Yes, yes, cross logic and all that. But I just had to.

You will know when I am dead. I won't pester anyone on someone else's or my blog for more than one day, unless I am traveling. You all will know since I am so secretive. Hmmm, put a dead blogger alarm in your house? But, your a woman, and fairly young as far as that goes. You have another good twenty years in you, at least. Back in line, you. Ha.

kdzu said...

Well Jean, the heat can be brutal, maybe you could try what the guy who advertises in all the magazine does. Works at his computer in his underwear. Or maybe a tee-shirt. Huuummmm tee_shirt wet from all the sweat.........clinging.......sticking to your form.......fitting.........

Oh, sorry, (shakes head coming out of daydream) got a little distracted there for a minute. I wish you cool breezes .......blowing over wet tee.....

Damn did it again.

she said...

everybody that ever had a mullet or drove a camaro moved to florida. (thats not a dig, ya'll. just a funny observation . it's my home state so...)

also, everytime i hit the state line sure enough im gonna hear lynard skynard, 38 special, allman brothers....jethro tull. i mean, it is amazing. like a time machine.

fourt liquordale! grrherhaha

Jean said...

as - Fort Liquordale... ha...applies to much of Florida.

doom - oh, I'm not planning on checking out any time soon... in spite of what gets written here at times. :)

Larry - LOL....... the shirt is sticking, oh yeah.

she - you would enjoy 'Beware the Aspergantus'... he is a Jax boy, musician, engineer... on my sidebar.

Latanya said...

Great work.