Thursday, February 02, 2012

Race time in Daytona, again...

A lovely place to spend some time.
Opened in the late 1940s because of
a WWI veteran and artist.

This is the 50-year anniversary of the
24-hour race in Daytona.
That was last weekend, I think.

Even the art museums celebrate this
area's claim to racing fame.

The original NASCAR track was the beach and A1A.

Bill France started it all.
The Daytona 500 is February 26 this year.

Smokey Yunick always did it his way.

The good old boys always
made sure there were pretty
girls to decorate the events.

I'll do a separate post with pics
from the gardens.


Boxer said...

is it fun? It seems like a lot of noise and gas fumes. :-)

Have a good weekend.

Jean said...

I attended several races in the early years of living here, mostly because it was the thing to do with the people I hung around at the time. Including, racing (and pro wrestling.ew)was all husband liked.
It's very noisy but some of it is exciting and the crowds are actually fun.
I haven't followed the sport in a long time. Couldn't care less except that the huge crowds make driving a PITA for about a week.

You have a great weekend, too, Boxer!

Michael Morse said...

That was a nice post, thank you Jean!

Jean said...

Much welcome, Michael. Hope you also like the next one about the gardens.


Jean said...

p.s. also, I live a short five miles from the race track and can hear the cars during practice and races.

Neuse River North Carolina said...

i love the photos you took it very simple..

Neuse River North Carolina said...

race tracking one of my fave's