Monday, February 20, 2012

New blog added to the list...

Your Crazy Uncle has been on my blog roll forever.
He started a new blog the other day.

Go visit Not What I Wanted To Hear, Doc and add
some words of encouragement, please.

Unk is a southern Indiana boy, having spent the last
eighteen years as an ER Nurse, after spending some
time as an Army EMT and Medic.

He was recently diagnosed with cancer. Right now
he's going through all kinds of tests to find out exactly
where it is (so far, colon and liver) so they can get
started on the plan of attack.

The man is a fighter, but even a fighter can use a
cheering squad now and then.
He's a friend and I'd like to help somehow.


Susie Hemingway said...

Your wish and all that - I'm on the case now and going over there now to take a look. You are such a great lady - did anyone ever tell you that! Take care x

Freddie said...

Sending prayers up from the extreme north for my fellow Hoosier.

Jean said...

Thank you, ladies. Bless you both!

Grumpyunk said...

Thanks Jean. You are a true friend I've yet to lay eyes on. Strange that, eh?

Today's the big day.
Let the cuttin' and guttin' commence!

Jean said...

All good thoughts are with you, Unk!