Friday, February 03, 2012

Ormond Memorial Gardens...

This little blue house sits at the edge of the
gardens next to the parking lot.
They use it for story-time for kids and sometimes
to sell local artist crafts.

I love the greenery that thrives in shade.
(under and behind the moss)

Peacock sculpture in the pond was donated
by the widow of the museum founder, an artist
in her own right.

The turtles were skittish, watching us behind them,
and diving into the pond if we moved in front of them.

I see a frowning face above the dark spot on the tree.
The gazebo is a favorite place for weddings, but
I'd advise against holding them in the summer
unless you especially like public steam baths.
(hot and no breeze.)

There are flowers blooming all year long.

And you folks seem to like flowers, so there ya go.

A waterfall not far from the museum building.
Benches provided here and throughout the garden
for peaceful contemplation.

I played with the color a bit and thought this version
turned out kinda Japanese-y.

And this version could be LSD-y.

Thus endeth our tour...


Joan of Argghh! said...

Lovely pics, m'dear. If you get up to St. Augustine, ask around for the Old St. Augustine Village. It's a feast for your camera!

Jean said...

Thank you, Joan! Oh, I've been there, although not in a while. I should go before the heat comes back.
I love the old city of St. Augustine.

Fred said...

Love your pic posts.

Pretty sure I even found the face!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Thanks for the tour!

Jean said...

Fred, it looks sad/angry. But then, if I were stuck in a tree I'd look sad/angry, too.

You're quite welcome, JCosmo!

Neuse River North Carolina said...

your photos was did a great shot's

thank you for this post..