Sunday, February 26, 2012

Haiku Monday - Venture...

quilts and teddy bears,
pondering cards, mugs and shirts.
so far, all gone bust.


This week's Haiku Monday contest
is being hosted by Karl.
The topic he chose is - VENTURE.

Be brave. It's open to all.


Jean said...

Top photo is the back of my Pondering....... business card.
Bottom photo is the product tag I designed for another hoped-for business many years ago.

Boxer said...

Well bless you for trying and I hope you continue to push yourself to be creative and profitable... not an easy thing to master.

Happy Haiku Monday.

Jean said...

Boxer, the creative in me is here to stay I believe.
Happy Haiku Monday to you, too!

foam said...

Closing a business .. We've done some of that. Happy haiku monday though!

Karl said...

Good evening Jean,

Sad but good? Heartfelt for sure. I appreciate that.

Perhaps going seasonal. NASCAR this week. Bike week next week. And spring breaks coming. They may be tacky, but they spend money.

Jean said...

Foam, definitely not an uncommon happening. Happy Haiku Monday to you!

Karl, I figure if nothing else I'm set for b'days and xmas for a while.

Anonymous said...

You need a "have a nice day" or "shit happens" thing. "Tell me again how much you miss my lips" is not the thing for a coffee cup. An arrow pointing up with "rim job" would sell better. IMAO.

Jean said...

ha! Perhaps, Mark. Although, didn't you buy...?
Anyway, right now there is no money to add new products.

Curmudgeon said...

I can tell it's not your best time, sorry. Every business I've had I couldn't wait to get out of at the end, but man I hated losing money. I think if you love it it will work, hang in there.

Jean said...

Thanks, Curm. Bad timing/economy hasn't helped.