Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just so ya know...

today is no time to be wearing flip-flops.
Or tomorrow, either.

Last night, here in sunny Florida, I had to use
artificial heat to stay warm. No, you say!
Yes, I say! Below freezing it was.
Even now, as I type with cold-stiffened fingers,
the 'net says it has only approached 40.
(That statement probably lost all sympathy from
any one of you north of Georgia.)

To distract you from my (temporary) misery, I'm
going to send you to Fishy's place so you can read
all the inspired haiku written by an ever-growing
league of haiku writers. Go ahead.
Be impressed. Be inspired. Be a player. (not playah)

My own attempts to impress will be posted here at
one minute after midnight Monday. woo hoo.

In other news... I am still looking for a job.
Actually, I've found lots of jobs but none of the bastards
in charge of hiring picked me. And, yes, I've continued
to look outside the box.

If you see a blonde, big-boobed woman on the news
carrying a sign that says "Hire Me. You won't be sorry!"
it might be me.


Boxer said...

I'll give you sympathy for the low temps because it's rare and you probably didn't know where your warm clothes were to found.

I worry there's ageism in the world when it comes to hiring and the day you get a job you like is the day I'll believe the recovery is truly happening. Keep the faith and stay warm!

Jean said...

uh...warm clothes. How did you know, Boxer?? ;-) Thank goodness for electric heating pads.

Oh, I so agree re ageism! Of course, trying to prove it is another thing altogether.
I mean, really, I have years of experience, I am positively trainable and I WANT to work. I've read several forums that people in my age group are having the same trials. It was so depressing it knocked me out for days and I cannot go back to them. *sigh*