Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haiku Monday - X ...

Yes, bloggy friends.
I know it isn't even close
to Monday but, I'm posting
now because I'm too tired to
think of anything else because
I haven't slept in two days.
Senior Insomnia? Perhaps.
Anyway, I'm planning ahead because
I hope to be sleeping soon and I may
miss Monday altogether.

The host for this week's Haiku Monday is
(no, not me. Moi.)
The challenging topic she chose is:

Yes. X .Go to her blog to read the rules because
I'm too tired to 'splain.

These are mine. You write your own.

invisible is
really exvisible. Once
you were there, then not.

they're what your heart
gets when love goes running out
the door. exit wounds.

experience should
be insperience. absorbed
by us, not expelled.

exiled because of
profiled. accelerated

Excel. Be better
than you were before. Before
when? Before today.

Excavate the pain.
Exhume. Excommunicate.
Accelerate joy.

XYZ. not as
easy as ABC... I
got nuthin' for this.

like a trail of
rabbit turds. Excremental

Don't say shit. (You mean,
don't say anything?) No, you
stupid. Don't say shit!

this is my brain on
no sleep for forty-eight hours.
Exhaustion excites.


yeah, yeah. I got a little carried away.



Carteach0 said...

I got nothing. No poetry left.

Jean said...

It's there, Art. But, it might make you wait a while.

J Cosmo Newbery said...


foam said...

Wow! Look at you! These are wonderful, jean. The only thing I could come up with is something like this ...
X squared times x squared ....

Jean said...

Apparently sleep deprivation is my friend...?


boneman said...

Senior Insomnia?
I'M Senior Insomnia.
You're Seniorita Insomnia

Jean said...


Boxer said...

Did you get some sleep?

How do you write them so easily? It can take me an entire weekend to figure just ONE. :-)

Melatonian helps with sleep and it's something we start to lose as we, uh, er, a g e. ;-)

Jean said...

It was a 14-hr coma. Seriously. Interrupted once to pee.

The haiku don't always come easily. Sometimes I can only squeeze one or two but, more often, once I get started all kinds of variations show up. I try not to post the sucky ones.
;-) Short poetry forms seem to work well for me. Usually. Nothing is ever always, is it? (hmmm... that line might end up in a poem someday.)

Melatonin. I've heard of that, Geez, is there anything we get to keep as we, uh... travel on?

kdzu said...

Even our memories, of sometimes, somewhens cans fade. But you dear lady have committed this to the interwebz, which may retain it somewhere in memory for a thousand years...........or not depending on the power grid.
Srsly, Beautiful.

Jean said...

Thank you, Larry. I keep going back to the rabbit turds ;-)