Monday, January 30, 2012

Haiku Monday - Rain...

eye rain. eyes rain tears
from heavy heart cloud cover.
watching for sunshine.


have you ever watched
the sun shine while it's raining?
Sunshower blessing.


the tick-tick-tick on
thirsty leaves and dusty grass.
soothing lullaby.


it's raining haiku
like it does every Monday.
come get your pen wet.


Anonymous Boxer is hosting this week's
Haiku Monday.
The topic is RAIN and she's having a
published poet do the judging.

You're not gonna let a little rain keep you away, are you?


the walking man said...

I have felt the rain
The rain often has felt me
Is this spring training

Boxer said...

LOVE the visuals, especially the second one which is a perfect match to your Haiku. :-)

Jean said...

Thank you, dear. I love the topic.

"That Dude" said...

Sadly, when it rains here, there ain't no sun. Sometimes, I miss the First Coast.

Jean said...

Jack! It's so good to see you!
I hope you're well and please don't be a stranger.