Saturday, May 02, 2009

Kudos to Kelsey!

One of my best friends
(the Goose Chaser), whom I've
known since high school,
and her husband, are popping their
buttons with pride.
Their beautiful, multi-talented,
genius, sweet daughter is
graduating from one of the
Honors Engineering Programs at
the University of Akron (Ohio)
with Magna Cum Laude honors.

(The U of A is my alma mater but,
we won't discuss my academic
standing at graduation. sheesh.)

Kelsey, I wish you a long, happy
and fulfilling career. Congratulations!


Kdzu said...

Beautiful Girl.......and Smart......
Sheeesh..the whole package.
Congratulations to her and her family.
And to you for having such a good friend.

tammi said...

Wow. That IS something to celebrate. They did good, that's obvious. And it's nice to hear something good regarding this next generation.

Congratulations to all!

Jean said...

Thanks, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jean,

You made me tear up!!!!!...did I send that pic??.....she gets all the credit.....a hard worker... her brother is another story........ PLEASE keep telling me "HIS life journey"......over and over and over again.....okay?


Jean said...

Yes, you sent the pic about a year ago :-)

Her brother will be fine, dear.

Anonymous said...

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