Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sparrow is testing us...

The Haiku contest topic at All Atwitter is:


Please go back to vote for your favorite by 11 pm Thursday.

Girlfriend lemme tell
ya. Life, it just ain't never
fair. I broke a nail.

prick-eth not my heart
dastardly, bastardly swine.
aim prick-eth lower.


Linda Ray said...

"prick-eth not my heart
dastardly, bastardly swine.
aim prick-eth lower."

Ha! Love it.

I'm gonna try and get ya a couple more votes on this one. (Course, I can't guarantee much.)

Doom said...

I can't go into contests, but I can write here.

In the game of life,
pain is growth, knowledge, wisdom.
Your trials will make you.

I think I did that right. 5,7,5

Yours are all girly. :p

Jean said...

L.R. votes are always appreciated! But, I don't know which one will be picked for voting.
May I link you on my sidebar? ;-)

Doom...mine are all girly? Well, ya-ahhh. heh.
Yours is VERY good, except for 1 extra syllable in the last line.
(could be "Your trials make you.")

Kat said...

I like the second one!

Jean said...

Thought you might, girlfriend ;-)

GUYK said...

roses ain't always red
sometimes they be purple
like maple surple

Linda Ray said...

Well I'm gonna check it out then.
And, absolutely. Thank you. :)

Jean said...

GUYK, you have a new career in the making ;-) Thanks for visiting!

You're welcome, LR.