Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank you and Happy Birthday, Berry...

Boneman graced me with
an award. Thank you, dear.

Today happens to be his
birthday. He is now as old
as I am. ( told ya it's painless.)

Do a nice thing and wish
Berry a Happy Birthday.


boneman said...

no matter what this girl says, don't believe it.
Turning 58 is filled with aches and creaking bones.
Crackling bones when rising in the morning, popping bones when tripping over my fig feet taking in the laundry, and sore old bones while standing at my easel.

Oh shoot!



Jean said...

Enjoy your day, Berry! d:-)

chickory said...

happy birthday, berry and congrats on your award Jean. i think we are getting all the is it in your woods?

Jean said...

Thank you, Chickory.
We had rain Friday...for the first time in weeks. Predicting more this week but it isn't showing any signs so far.
Hope it lets up enough so you can get your garden in!