Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Those who have gone before...

The title of this post is the topic Sparrow has chosen
for this week's Haiku Challenge.

UPDATE: Sparrow has chosen a touching resolution to
this week's contest. She posted all the entries with a
special handling of the Deluxe Care Package going to
someone in our military serving in harm's way.
Please, read her post AND the comments.

my entry:

a word, a breath, a
look, a touch. To remember
is to honor life.

I will follow you
to a place I do not know.
You will make it home.

ed: if I don't hear from Yucky Mug Company soon, they
might be my main subject for this topic.


Kat said...

Your haiku is just beautiful! Dang girl, you can write....

Enigma said...

nicely written!!!

Jean said...

Thank you, both. You know I have to work extra hard to try to keep up you two! And, it doesn't often work.

Susie Hemingway said...

Enchanting Haiku.

Jean said...

Thank you, Susie...and Welcome!