Thursday, April 30, 2009

This neds werk...

the heart is
the window to
the next door in your life.
the next window
in your heart is
the door to
every door you open
is the window
to your heart.
seek not the window
but the door
your heart desires.

sit down.
stay home.


kdzu said...

Some very thought provoking words.
Will have to ponder on them some more.
Why stay Home??
Sitting down is something I do all too much of anyway. Hence the increase in butt and belly size.
Well gotta get up and moving.

boneman said...

I couldn't figure out (and still can't) if you're saying it needs work or if the meds are working....

boneman said...


Doom said...

Urhm... *twists head and looks at you funny* More peanut butter! Num... *slop, lick, crunch, slop*! *slop*

I just cannot do your word game. But it was fun to see. I hope to see some interesting work by others though.

Jean said...

heh...this is just a sample of frustration in writing. It's all goofy and not meant to mean anything.
Sorry guys.

Doom said...

Nice job, really! How better to exemplify a frustration than to share it. You allowed us to take one of Alice's pills and shrink (or grow for some) to fit in your shoes. Yeah, that was really good.

I hope you can get the peanut butter of your own down and get going with it. It looks like you are onto something.

boneman said...

no needs?
no meds?
just sit down?
or stay in beds...

Enigma said...

It has meaning........

Jean said...

It might be a seed for something else, someday. That happens, sometimes. d:-)