Friday, May 22, 2009

It can't possibly be raining anywhere else...

There cannot be any rain left for any other part
of the world. It has been raining here non-stop,
NON-STOP, since last weekend. Crap.

UPDATE: Saturday local reports say the average
rainfall for the area is 25" this week. Yikes.

Feels like a hurricane without the hurr.
Florida is flooding. Is this 'cause the ice caps
finally melted? Are Polar bears on the way?

Somebody make it STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP. please?

Okay, okay it could be worse. It could be a full-blown
hurricane. Or, it could be no rain and lots of fires.

Let's see... I can reveal a little bit of good news.
Anybody remember the 'new venture' I've mentioned before?
Well, I got back on track with that and will be taking the
leap soon. I even started another blog so I can sell my
products on-line. It's called 'the Pondering....... store'.
I won't have all of my beginning inventory in hand until
mid-June, so that's when I'll be able to upload photos
and start the pimping process. Stay tuned for details.

I have business cards. Real business cards. (picture me
with a goofy grin on my face right now.) I'm excited.
I'm also just a teensy bit scared. I'm not usually a risk-taker.
But, this feels very good. I want it to work. I believe it will.

There is a lot for me to learn. Some will be by trial and error.
I have plenty of experience in trial and error.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, my friends.


Cactus Mark said...

Heh, it's FINALLY raining here.

Pimping is business.

Enigma said...

Congrats on making the business venuture move forward and on this week's haiku challenge. Geez girl, you sure can steam up a computer screen.

Best of luck at the Pondering Emporium!!!!

Jean said...

Mark, I am a virgin pimp, so far.

Enigma, thanks for the good wishes!
'Steamy' is my middle name ;-)

Linda Ray said...

What a great idea! Sounds perfect for you.

(Can't wait to shop the Pondering Store in June!)

Blaez said...

good luck and great idea!

its just finally stopped raining in chicagoland... arkansas is flooded too, it rained nonstop while i was there for my sister's graduation last weekend.

stupid rain

Hammer said...

Excellent! I'll be by to check it out.

curmudgeon said...

Again I say, best of luck!

Jean said...

Thanks, you guys. You're all so awesome!

boneman said...

And that goofy grin?
Isn't that the same grin you always wear?
(probably not safe for me to visit Florida for a few days, right?)

just kidding.

There's only one thing to remember.
You only hear so many "no's" and then there's a yes.
And in an online thingie, you don't even have to hear the "no's"

Jean said...

Berry, Berry, know me pretty well :-)
re: online thingie...wonder if I should close comments there?

boneman said...

your comments will almost always come back positive, although that's not such a great thing.

On a personal side, I appreciate negative feedback with my art.

Jean said...

I'm open to suggestions.

Sparrow said...

Best of luck to you, Jeannie! I'm sure it will be a hit.

And as for the rain, I was in Florida over the weekend and saw some of the wickedest weather this side of a hurricane, too! My flight home was delayed two hours by a pounding downpour and wild lightning and thunder. I actually shrieked at one point when I was outside getting into the car and one of those simultaneous lightning-THUNDER CLAPs happened!

Want me to mail you a snorkel??

Jean said...

Thank you, Sparrow!

Yeah, the thunder was enough to shake the house at times. Yikes.
A snorkel? Not a bad idea. I've already got the mae west ;-)

Doom said...

Holding my breath a bit myself, for you. Though I cannot quite break out superstition and physically cross my fingers, I can certainly wish you good fortune. I am superstitious about superstition, you know. I can't wait to see what you have in store (literally and virtually, and those with varied meanings as well, if you get my drift (single meaning on last)). :P

Jean said...

Doom, your good wishes are always appreciated :-)

If my mug suppliers are reliable, I hope to post pics and get things rolling here mid-June or a bit later.