Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New business hurdles...

I love love love the folks who are printing
my Frame-ables. LOVE them.

However, I'm getting mugs printed from two different
suppliers. One is right up there on the LOVE List
with the Frame-ables printer.
The other? Wet dreams do not stand a chance.

The Good Mug People notified me this weekend
(a holiday weekend, no less) that my order with
them is expected to ship this Friday. Yesssss!
Their proofs were perfect the first time, I approved
them and the mugs were in production in 24 hours.
The only drawback with these folks? They require a
much larger minimum order resulting in a bigger
cost for me, even though the individual mug cost is
almost the same as the Yucky Mug Company.

The Yucky Mug Company had the camera-ready artwork
for a week before they sent the proofs for the three mugs
I want. All wrong. WRONG. Wrong. Wrong.
They set up what I wanted on the front of the mug on the back.
What should have been on the back of the mug was on the front.
Print size on one mug was correct. The other two... too small and
off-center. Three different designs ordered for three sets of
mugs... they completely ignored/forgot one design and did one
of the designs twice. Twice. WTF?

Corrections were emailed to Yucky Mug Company immediately
and I was told they hope to have the corrected proofs back to me
tomorrow. IF those proofs are correct, it will take two weeks
to complete them. And then shipping time. Unless, of course,
something else gets added to the current clusterfuck.

Well, I guess my education in the world of self-employment
has only just begun, right?


Cactus Mark said...

Yup, you be learnin'.

Go ahead and figure a 10% loss on collections while you're at it.

boneman said...

Oh lordy!
And it ain't getting any better any faster!

I've been so wrapped with trying to rattle galleries to hang my art, get a new piece started, and other stuff that I forgot you wanted that artwork before the end of THIS week!
What the heck am I doing playing on the computer, now?

I send this comment, the computer is getting turned off till I have art to send you.


Jean said...

Mark, loss on collections? As in bounced checks? great.

Berry, I was just getting ready to email and ask how the piece was progressing. heh. ;-)

Cactus Mark said...