Saturday, October 01, 2011

What would I do without books?...

Possibly get drunk in a sleazy bar.

Getting lost in pages can be another way to
hide from one's own reality. So be it.
Reading is my drug of choice.

I sometimes wonder what a good shrink might
have to say about me after perusing my
reading choices. My choices have changed over
the years. Used to be a lot of self-help titles piled
up by the bed. The past several years have seen
my focus broaden, although I will admit to still
being in search of myself through others.
An example to... emulate? explain? understand?

If nothing else reading is exercise for the brain.
Use it or lose it.

Because I have nothing else to offer at the moment,
here's a list of recent reads. (Too lazy to link so many.)

*Flyboys, A True Story Of Courage (James Bradley)
*Our Town, A Heartland Lynching (Cynthia Carr)
*Lit, A Memoir (Mary Karr)
*The Time Traveler's Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)
*Snow Falling On Cedars (David Guterson)
*John Muir, Apostle of Nature (Thurman Wilkins)
*Jane Goodall, a Biography (Dale Peterson)
*Capote, a Biography (Gerald Clarke)
*Mirror Lake (Thomas Christopher Greene)
*The Mermaid Chair (Sue Monk Kidd)
*(in process) The Help (Kathryn Stockett)

If there are any repeats from past lists, it's because
I sometimes read a book more than once if I like it
a lot. Novel idea (pun intended). I also learn/remember
more when I repeat.
Oh, to have a photographic memory.
No different than watching a good movie more
than once although, I have friends who say,
"What's the point in that?".
My response to that...
"You had good sex once and never went back?"


boneman said...

books are the teevee of bygone days, and best of all, sans commercials.
But I admit to perusing more movies than books from about the time I latched onto a vcr, all the way to the dvd player ($39.95 special) playing most nights here.

As for the is good.
Sex is GREAT!
but then, I don't get enough (seems like the average is about twice in
23 years

That's once every thirteen years!
did I write that out loud?


J Cosmo Newbery said...

I've heard about Movie houses like that.

Joe said...

I re-read books all of the time. Some old favorites I have read five or six times. Some even more. I once read all 20-some books the Master and Commander series and promptly started again with volume 1 because I enjoyed them so much.

I have a love hate relationship with books (and authors). When I love a book, I cannot wait to finish, sometimes going without sleep to get done. Then I am so sad to have finished. I think that is why I like series, I can live a bit longer in my fantasy world.

I also watch movies repeatedly.

I am sure this habit is one of the signs of true genius.

kdzu said...

Many books are worthy of a re-read.
I've lots of them. One is my go to and it's beginning to show a bit of wear. Pages yellowing and creased at he top. I've had to start using a book mark to keep from folding and mutilating it beyond comprehension.

Jean said...

Berry, I love re-watching good movies, too.

J Cosmo, indeed.

Joe, I agree. The end of a great book is almost heartbreaking.
Genius? No doubt!

Larry, I hate to think what will happen to my beloved books when I'm gone.

Doom said...

No, no, books are good if that is your thing. And, I would like to get more into books myself. However, there are options. Hey, it comes in a cover, evokes emotions, and can put you to sleep or make you want to dance. Among... other things. *evil grins*

Jean said...

Yikes, Doom...I found your comment in spam! Sorry.
Now, let me find my bottle opener ;-)