Tuesday, October 04, 2011

a rock and a hard place...

Unemployment in this suck-ass county is 11%.
National is 9.1%.
And, yet, the local fish-wrap is claiming that 'things'
are getting better here. They make that claim not
because hiring has increased but, because it seems
that lay-offs have stopped and foreclosures have
leveled off. So, in the minds of all those
still-getting-paid-well-experts, as long as the
job market isn't getting worse it must be getting better.
And, they said things will probably stay as they are
for about five years. Then we 'might' see some growth.

Wonder who pays for the party they'll probably have
to celebrate the good news?

I've been looking at job listings for other parts of Florida
and a couple of other states. Unfortunately, most places
don't hire out-of-towners. At least not for the kinds of jobs
I can do, have done. I'd have to move somewhere first then,
hope to find work. And who would rent to a no job stranger?

It's a constant battle to keep my attitude above the level
of don't.give.a.shit. Today I came this close >< to tossing
clothes, computer and Sparky in the car and heading...??

Fuckit. I'm sorry for whining.
I used to smile and say 'still here, still breathing'.
Now it's more 'life sucks and then you die'.

I don't like feeling this way.


kdzu said...

Not having a job is fun only when you have,
1. enough money to last the rest of your foreseeable miserable life, partying and drinking, or
2. You can live off what you hunt, fish or gather and don't mind that the rains, wind and heat comes when it's a mind to.
3. Parent

F*** it.........

I was going for something wise and pithy, in fitting with my wise and pithy condition.

Not having something useful and remunerative to keep you interested is a bitch.

Do they still have the Peace Corps?

Will they send me to Tahiti if I join? Will there be babes in grass skirts?

Just Damn.

Jean said...

You made me smile.

Erica said...

I wish I could tell you something more useful and productive than "I completely relate," but I find it rather difficult as we are in, pretty much, the same boat.

Sometimes I get a cool gig, but it is so sporadic and low-paying, and truly insulting considering the effort I put in, that it almost merits no mention at all.

I'm ready to get outta NY myself. The only thing I have going for me here are my contacts.

Jean said...

Erica, I keep wondering if anywhere is any better. My age is also against me, no matter what the law says.
Hugs to you, dear.

Carteach0 said...

I got nothing. Might be in the same boat myself in a year.

Hug. Best I can do.

Fred said...

I'd rent an extra room to you in a heartbeat, girlfriend.

My youngest brother lives in Florida and for what he pays in rent for an apartment he could rent a really nice house here.

Only trouble is I'd have to get agreement. . . . And you couldn't be my "blogger friend", since I'm not supposed to be "blogging"! ;)

But maybe you could be an old friend of the family . . . ?

Yeah. You're probably right. It'd be dishonest and it wouldn't feel right.

But DAMN, this has crossed my mind so many times. Seriously. If it were up to (only) me...

the walking man said...

Yep...it all depends on the spin of the quantification of the meaning of the words. See it would have been better for them to say simply...those of you who are fucked already may be the last ones to get fucked until the next bubble bursts which I predict will be in about 3 months depending on the European situation.

Doom said...

You've been lied to economically, politically; I was lied to medically. Now both our experts are saying it's all good while you and I choke on the fruit of their lies. And we are both supposed to smile about it, since NOW, for sure, they know what is going on. (while they continue to lie, the real percentage with underemployed and those who stopped looking for work is closer to 17-21%. With my luck they probably haven't even killed me, they just made me a permanent cripple.)

I see you making plans. I made mine and implemented them some time ago, so now sit in a new state. Wisely? I like it here, and if I have a chance to make it, it will happen better here. But I don't have much support (though I really didn't have much there, and worse, they had scuttled my neighborhood into a hard ghetto). Just choose wisely, if you decided to scoot. It's a hard, unforgiving world. Make sure you aren't going from the frying pan into the fire. But I'll put some extra prayer into your effort (and won't even charge you a dollar per :p ).

Jean said...

Art, I can remember seeing the signs and waiting for the ax to drop. Hope you can make the change voluntarily.

Freddie, I'd never want a friend to risk family problems for me. But, I so appreciate your thought. Really.

Mark, exactly. Words can be manipulated as easily as statistics.
Politicians are good at patting us on the head.

Jean said...

(Doom, I keep finding your comments in my spam folder. grrrrrr.)

"Choose wisely." That's another difficult part. Flip a coin?

boneman said...

stay with me for free....

Jean said...

oh, yeah, Steve would love that.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Girl, if you can find a job at Boeing in this town, you have a rent-free room waiting for you.


Jean said...

Boeing is up there? Damn!