Saturday, October 22, 2011

haiku - Grief...

peace comes to a heart
that grieves for love lost, time lost
when next life begins


Fred said...

I'm counting on it.

boneman said...

a long time to wait,
for a child of the times, now.
Lose no time OR love.

Jean said...

Mostly referring to the next chapter in life that comes after loss.
After wallowing a bit, we move on.

kdzu said...

Next life begins every new second.

And sometimes most especially after we relax and quit trying so hard to hold on to the past.

Lost loves can be as close as the other side of the bed, or as far away as our most faint memories, but best kept close in our hearts, which does not ever get too full for another love.

Funny thing, that. How can it manage to stretch so much?

Maybe all those loves merge in to one just big enough to fill the moment.

Jean said...

Much to ponder there, Larry. Lovely.