Monday, October 24, 2011

Walk softly, tread lightly...

I don't always know who me is.

~You're afraid of you.

Why would I be afraid of me?

~You haven't been who you are. You've tried to be
who you think you should be. If that was different
than who you are, you thought it made the real you bad.

I'm not bad, am I?

~Why do you have to ask?


Doom said...

Deminuet in Jean minor? :p

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I can relate to that - I'm never sure who I am. Even on a good day.

kdzu said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm who I think I am.
Strike that......lots of times.
We have an image of ourselves based on the things we think about.
But, do others use the same parameters when they look at us. Do they see the inside differently than our outside.
Perhaps I need to go to a quiet place and listen to the small, still voice that speaks only when we are receptive.
Will I understand what the voice is trying to tell me, or, is my internal language one I don't understand?
I need somebody!
Who can see.
In my world of blindness they will be ruler of the universe.

Jean said...

I think someone who trusts their vision of themselves is a lucky person. Do we really need another to tell us who we are?

Doom said...

I'm not sure I always have a choice. I am not just who I am, but bits of people I liked, respected. While growing up I took little bits of who they were and created me. To a degree, I don't have a choice, for good or ill.

But I'm with you most of the time, at this point.

Still, from time to time, I see a human(s) do something amazing, like when the Amish families who had their daughters murdered by a guy went ahead and not only forgave him but made sure his widow and children (he committed suicide) were taken care of. Some people... I give them moral authority through their actions.