Sunday, October 30, 2011

the rest of the photos from this week...

Granada Bridge crossing the Halifax River
heading east to A1A and the beach.

A small park just south of the bridge.

This old oak tree would be broader and
more shapely if they didn't keep trimming
it back from the power lines.

Nice weather for the end of October.
Hope ya'll had a great weekend.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

It was a fairly soggy weekend but Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly, says that there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices.

Jean said...

Billy Connolly is a pretty smart guy!

Joe said...

I would rather be there with that weather. It is 29 this morning. I am not ready for winter.

I don't mind the cold, I am just not ready for it yet.

Jean said...

29...yikes, Joe. That is brisk!
Our nights are supposed to be in the upper 50s for a few days.

The Frog Princess said...

I love your photos Jean.

Please keep posting them.


boneman said...

nice pix, babe.
I have to say, having just grazed on Southern Georgia this last week, that you folk are haveing exceptionally beautiful weather.

Too bad you'll be missing out on the gentle show blanketing the Earth in a few inches of snow...
on top of three inches of solid ice.
And a sweet breeze (say 15 MPH or so) gently (SHOVING) the soft snow (HAILSLEETRAIN) in your lovely hair (RIGHT ON YOUR FACE!)

Gosh...don't you MISS that?

Jean said...

Thanks, FP. I'll have some roses to post soon.

Berry, I see the northeast is getting some of that white stuff this weekend. If I could stay inside in front of a blazing fireplace it wouldn't be bad.