Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photographs from this week...

The weather has been beautiful.
I've wanted to capture some photos
of this dolphin sculpture in front of
one of the local libraries for a while.

It was commissioned from local artist
Paul Baliker.

You can view his website here.

I have a very simple digital camera with limited software but

I love making a variety of images from a couple of basic shots.

Black and white has always been a favorite.
I think the shadows and shades give a photo
even more depth and dimension than color.
Plus, b&w reminds me of growing up in the 50's.


Jean said...

The photos were taken with a Kodak Easyshare and enhanced with the accompanying software. Time photos taken was 6:00 pm.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

They definitely seem playful!

Jean said...

JC, they seem to be smiling.

Fred said...

These made me smile.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Super sweet! And I have a new wallpaper for my MAC :-)

Jean said...

You're welcome, Freddie.

And, you too, Markie-Mark!

boneman said...

pretty good shooting for a city gal with an Easyshare, gal!

Jean said...

Thanks, dear.
why are you still awake??

goatman said...

A structural success, these fish.

OOh maybe not fish?

Jean said...

Goatman, I had to *blush* look it up.
OED says they are small whales!

foam said...

I love dolphins! These photos are nice!! They look especially good against the black background of your blog.

Jean said...

They are gorgeous critters, aren't they, Foam? Thank you!

Froth said...

What a very cool sculpture. It's clean and round and upflowy (that's a technical term, right?).
And great photography!

Jean said...

I was especially drawn to the upflowy aspect, indeed.