Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Science Fiction Engineering?...

Doing some blog browsing the other day, I came
across this place:
Gravity Well.

I'm not a big fan of science fiction, usually, but
this writer has a way of keeping my attention.
Worth a look. Also added it to my sidebar.



boneman said...

Jean, science fiction isn't what you thought it was.
After the rocket takes off and they're hurltling through space, they have to talk to each other.
If you want a magic bean, then make one from a different planet.
You're from sunny beaches and palm trees blowing gently in the warm breezes. When the wind stops? Folks have to say stuff to each other.
Or react in some way.

It can be now, last year, or the first Indians on the beach(Irving Stone).
Perhaps it can be two people looking out their dome window (Robots of Dawn).

It is just a vehicle, and most of us are just giddy because we know you'll pick a vehicle one of these days, and it will be tremendous.

Maybe a nature writer?
Like...how to discourage snakes?

Jean said...

HA! Or an investor in dog food can manufacturing? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bioneman is weird.

Read The Ra Material and understand all.


boneman (and his wild zinnia) said...

I bring wild zinnias from the first fruits of my yard.

Jean said...

Mark - It's an inside joke, dear, between Boneman and me ;-) besides, we are all weird, aren't we?
Ra Material is on my list, thanks.

Boneman, thank you for the zinnia!

control valves said...

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Anonymous said...