Sunday, April 12, 2009

She stopped struggling... (continued)

He lifted her skirt.

"Oh my pretty girl." he whispered.
"You wore the garter belt I like so much."

He almost regretted killing her quite yet.


Married five years. They both wanted children.
Or, so he thought.

Her first mistake was leaving the birth control pills in her
lingerie drawer. With a bracelet he'd never seen before.
People get careless when their deceit goes on too long.

That was six months ago and he'd been collecting evidence
and plotting ever since. His original plan did not include killing.
He wanted to catch her in the act, beat the shit out of whichever
prick was there and, spend some months making her life miserable.

In the end, though, the idea of long, drawn out drama was not
appealing. Better to end it quickly and move on.

When his job necessitated traveling, he called her every
morning and she called him every evening.
Turned out that schedule left her evenings free for other things.

When he saw this week's schedule had him working two separate
projects, he decided it would be the best scenario for covering
his tracks. He wasn't due to come home for two more days.
That would explain why the vase of roses was still on the dresser
with a card that said, "Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love, Joe."
The dead, naked guy beside her on the bed was Sam.

Sam's neck was twisted in a most unnatural angle. As was hers.
No blood. No mess.
He reached up to close her eyes and pull her skirt down a bit.
He couldn't help but leave her, his wife, with a tiny bit of dignity.

Living in a heavily treed area with distant neighbors made it easy
to hide his car and walk unnoticed to the house. With several
hours of moonless dark still in the evening, he'd have no trouble
going back the way he came. He'd be back at the hotel in plenty
of time to make his morning call to her. And leave a loving message.

Perhaps Joe, the bouquet-guy, would be the one to find this scene.
If not, he'd make another call tomorrow night, leave another
message and then call her sister to ask if she'd seen his wife.
Either way, he would be the broken-hearted, grieving husband
however he got the tragic news.

He walked to the bedroom doorway and looked back to say,
"It was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?"


kdzu said...

And I thought my dreams were weird. But it would make the beginning of an interesting book. Grab their attention in the first 3 sentences.

Jean said...

I've thought about continuing, Larry.
Not sure. I'll see what dreams may come.

K9 said...

not the easter poem i expected! grherha happy easter jean. may it be a blessed one.

boneman said...

sorry. You and K9 and Anonymous Boxer done scared the wits out'a this boy!

HA! P. Easter!

Jean said...

Thanks, k9. Blessings to you!

Berry, just 'cause we're gurlz...

X. Ghotier said...

PLEASE finish this....

kdzu said...

Oh yes, by all means continue this one. I can't even imagine where it might lead. Just as long as it doesn't include too much necrophilia. The stories just aren't the same where all the girl does is just lie there...inert...and cold...

Deadman said...

Jesus...I leave for a while and I come back to snuff porn?

Happy Easter Jean!

Jean said...

Updated: ok, folks. there ya go!
Tell me what you think. Be brutal.

kdzu said...

Now comes the hard part.....adding in all the supporting case and plot, detectives scene. Does he get away or not...
Good thing you have all this free time on your hands.
Liked the update a lot.

X. Ghotier said...

yeah... I like it a lot too!!!
Good job Jean!

Anonymous said...

Nice. I'll read it again tomorrow and hopefully figure this out.

boneman said...

This must be my first wife. She wasn't to hip on the monogamous events, either.

curmudgeon said...

Well now, if "Joe's" flowers were left poking out of "Sam's" ass, the blame would surely have been fortified. ;)

Jean said...

Larry, you task-master, you ;-)
It could easily continue, though.

Thank you XG and CM.

Berry, I got your mail(s). Interesting, to say the least. Might be easier to chat about it.

Dave, uh huh. There's an option that never crossed my mind :-)

Anonymous said...

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