Thursday, April 02, 2009

This week's topic for Sparrow's Haiku Contest:


raindrops slapping leaves.
bare branches scratching windows.
false words breaking hearts.

UPDATE: Cast your vote by 11 pm THURSDAY.


boneman said...

that sounds like some fun
have you one already done?
or a last mi'nt run?

Jean said...

Haven't dredged one up yet.
Had computer probs earlier. I'll see what I can do before 10 pm.

boneman said...

got mine in and so
going back to painting, now.
one's throwing me fits.

Oh, it don't matter,
not even a little, eh.
Ain't calling it quits.

Jean said...

I tossed one in there, too.

Yeah, but you said you got three good ones. #4 might come around yet.

boneman said...

As soon as Gni Gni gets up (so I can give her her pills) I'm back at it.
I think all the red and orange will look either beautiful