Friday, April 17, 2009

Ho hum...

I got nuthin', right now, folks.

You could wander through the archives or
visit any of the blogs on my sidebar.

Say Congratulations to Joan. She won the Haiku Contest
this week!

Ya'll have a great weekend.


Doom said...

Maybe you will have to go out kick the dirt, pull a few grasses and read the wind, and have a sip of tea and enjoy that you are so very alive? I'll step out and have a cigar in a bit. My dirt is clay, so I'll skip that. But I think I will read the wind with a few blades of grass, eye the neighborhood, and just breath the fresh spring air.

I'll be there in spirit, even if the times are off. Reach out your hand to the air. I'll hold it for a bit. Yeah, that would be nice. See you there.

Jean said...

You pick a perfect, perfect day for reading the wind! I'm on my way outside, Doom. :-)

boneman (and his wild zinnia) said...

here's another idea, gal.
On the sidebar there's a place called Wood and Pixels Narratives.
Guy takes pictures, Dan. A photo blog encouraging the art of prose.

Pick any picture at all.
Invent the story behind the picture. Want an example?
I did it with the first ranger/cabin picture there.

Or, go for a walk....

Jean said...

Excellent ideas, Berry. I might just do both!

Cactus Mark said...

Hey, an idea. Not an order or request. Friends who've you've never met who help you. Could be a good thing. This IS NOT MEANT as a self-serving request.

Or nude pics. Either way.

Jean said...

MarkyMark - nude pics. Not here ;-)
The other is worth pondering.

ANNA-LYS said...

So, You are actually in the midst of some creative process. Creativity might be looked upon as pregnancy, you are waiting, feel empty, feel full, don't sure of when or what its going to become. Sometimes You might even feel ill and throw up. But, it is growing, and growing in its dark and warm womb.

Happy Birth ahead ;-)

Jean said...

hmmm...the analyst is spot on!
Thank you, Anna :-)