Saturday, April 25, 2009

rappah me...

hey, you
what's new
tell me whatcha know.
been slow on the uptake
outta the loop
life gets in the way
of what we'd rather do.
boo hoo.
take a minnit
to thin it
keep it simple and sweet
fun on the fly
with you is a treat
beat meat.
swing on by
don't lose your place
fill in the gap
with your own kinda charm.
no harm.
no foul.
not yet.
boo hoo again at the end it's time to go.
come back.
one more.
for me.
dirty boy.


kdzu said...

Dirty boy??

Jean, is there something you're not telling us. Ha.
Great, loved this.
Very creative.

Jean said...

Well, Larry m'dear... it was like this. You see


boneman said...

No idea at all?
At first I thought it was going to be
something about the Rappahannock River, you see,
That's one of the waterways getting the pickens
because of all those stupid chickens!

Danged farms are just too danged big, and so
All the waste to the rivers away goes.
But, it's not close, my guess, it seems.
You've got the idea of being a rapper in your dreams.

Not bad gal, first time out?
Well, sounds real good, now, so don't pout.
Put the pen down on the paper again till
another comes along and soon it will.

Jean said...

Thought I'd just dip my toe in a different puddle and see how it feels, ya know?

boneman said...

splash splash

Sparrow said...

Love it!

Enemy of the Republic said...

My apologies, I haven't been by. I've been a crappy blogger. I hope you are well.

Jean said...

Thank you, Sparrow!

EotR, I didn't know you were back!
I hope life is treating you better.
I'll visit soon.