Monday, February 05, 2007

Virgin no more!

...and, it didn't even feel good, dammit.

My first computer virus was an expensive, time consuming pain in my butt...
and the reason I've been gone so long.

I feel so... violated.

Whatever it was, it attacked and corrupted McAfee... so, beware.

p.s. the recent tornadoes hit about fifteen miles from here.
We had storms, but were otherwise lucky.
Thanks to all who checked on me... you all are the best!

Seems like I've been doing a lot of 'hi' and 'goodbye' lately.
Normal blogging will begin again soon.


AspergantuS said...

ok..I'm not going to comment on the Virgin thing....but glad to see you up and running again.

Glad you slept through the storms, and they missed stopping in for a visit.

Got a special gift for you for Mexico...a gallon of water...

Jean said...

Thanks for checking on me, Mick.
um... no thanks on the water, though.