Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hurt breeds fear
breeds dark
breeds alone.

Alone breeds hurt
breeds fear
breeds dark.

Dark breeds alone
breeds hurt
breeds fear.

Fear breeds dark
breeds alone
breeds hurt.


Hann said...

So true, so sad! Can relate to that after my split up with Ex.
Hope you are ok?

Jean said...

Hannelie - thanks, hon... doing fine here.

Scott from Oregon said...


Fear could just as easily breed courage.

Hurt could breed acceptance

Dark could breed intimacy or an ability to percieve from within.

Alone could breed peace...quietude...

Erica said...

Also, I'm thinking, that alone could breed dark.

I'm practically an expert on these matters.

AspergantuS said...

I think this is wonderful, again, so much in so few words. I'm always impressed how you do that... but I'm afraid I'm having a bit of trouble relating...

I'm too scarred to get hurt antymore. Some call it being cynical. I call it having emotional calluses.
Alone, MY KINGDOM FOR ALONE TIME! Three daughters, three Grandkids... alone???... not in my world!!
Dark is a place I go when I feel adventurous. I don't fear the dark... emotional darkness nor metaphorical darkness.
Fear is... well... fear is a thing that generally causes one of two things... fight or flight. I'm not afraid to do either one, depending on the circumstances.

Jean said...

Scott - I agree with you... but, that would be a whole other poem, wouldn't it? I like your perspective, Mr. Upbeat.

Erica - 2nd verse... "Alone breeds hurt breeds fear breeds dark."... therefore, alone breeds dark. I see them as all connected, like links in a chain. They can lead to each other, no matter which one we start with. IMHO.

Mick - As always, you bring your unique point of view, from your unique self. It's all valid.

I love it when my commenters make me think!

Mark said...

Wow, sure glad we're over that last post Lady Doll.

Jean said...

aw, Mark, scroll down and read "Good Parts"... that should make you feel better...:)

Lee said...

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.

- Yoda


And yes, I'm here....just quiet.

Jean said...

Yoda - Quiet is ok as long as you are... ok. Thanks for coming by.

Jim - PRS said...

Love it. Period.

Jean said...

Jim - straight and to the point, you are. Thanks.