Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Best friends...

Margaret: He wants me.

Maude: What? I can't hear you.

Margaret: He. Wants. Me!

Maude: Give it a rest, girlfriend. He can't get out
of the way of his own walker.

Ramone: C'mon, ladies. Let's roll on over to the
game room.

Margaret: I don't want to play Bingo.
I want to get laid!

What?... no comments on my nursing home humor?
This is pretty much how I see myself in thirty years.
Oh, well... onward.


Erica said...

Not that it wasn't awesome, as always.

It's just that thinking of old people 'doing it' renders one speechless.

I think.

Jean said...

Erica - ha... let's not even go for a visual!

Desert Cat said...

Definitely a "heebie-jeebie" factor there. The visuals are quite beyond the pale.

Jean said...

DC - nature's cruelty... aged and decrepit... and as horny as ever.

AspergantuS said...

too late on the visual.
As my kids used to say... EEEWWWWWWWW!!!

Jean said...

Mick - so, turn out the lights!

Desert Cat said...

Well I've noted before that the older I get, the wider the world of beautiful women gets. I cannot bear the thought today, but thirty years hence...?

Proof? This is Sharon Stone at 48.

Jean said...

DC - oh, you wishful thinker, you!

sparrow said...

So Myrtle and Fred have a nice little thing going. Every day after lunch at the nursing home, they go for along walk into the woods, where they sit on a bench togther. Fred unzips, and Myrtle holds Mr Johnson for a while. After a time they go back to the home.

One day, Myrtle notices Fred leaving after lunch with Hazel. Crushed, she waits to catch him after they get back.

"I saw you leaving for the woods with Hazel!" she said. "Name one thing she has that I don't have!!"

Fred replies: "Parkinson's."

Kim said...

Heeheeheeeeeeee. Love it.

Jean said...

Sparrow - poor Myrtle!

Kim - thanks... or, was that for Fred?...:)

Nea said...

Jean no one ever thinks they will get old, and once we are old, we don't see ourselves as old. I suppose when the kids start looking at rest homes it will hit me, shit, what did I do with the last 90 years.........

I rushed around and got as much sexual gratification as I could around 40, because I knew it will get few and far between in the rest home. haha

Anonymous said...

Too funny for words. As always great stuff!


Jean said...

Thanks, Michele... a friend has been talking about his mom in a nursing home, and my imagination took off!