Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Parts...

I love men,
for the most part,
at least one part,
yes, I do.
Ok, two of their parts
are good parts.

Of the ones who have good hearts,
they have three parts
that are good parts.
And, those with functioning brain parts
have four parts
that make good parts.

Let's not forget twinkling eye parts
and add to that nice butt parts.
So, now we're up to five parts
that make the whole part good.

I've mentioned before their hand parts
being one of my favorite good parts.
A sweet smile makes my own parts
get warm, and that's always good.

Well, I guess it's time to say this part,
I can't think of a part that's not good!

'course, being a woman, I could change my mind tomorrow.


alan said...


paquito said...


Sparrow said...

First a virus, now spam comments! Poor you!!

One of my favorite parts is a muscular upper arm, yum! And while you're at it, check out the NYC 2007 firefighters calendar, there are some NICE parts there!! Check your email, Jeannie!

Snog Dot said...

Parts is parts!

Sparrow said...

snog dot, I ALMOST said that very thing!

Jean said...

Thanks, you guys... and, Sparrow, thanks for the e-mail... hubba hubba!

AspergantuS said...

Good Parts... hmmm... ponder this I must.

Good parts bad parts,
They inevitabley create smelly farts.
Under the covers late in the eve
The smell creeps slowly up your sleeve
Out of the completely comfortable web
Of legs and thighs and necks and heads
The odor spreads out, thinning in air,
But not before gently carressing your hair.


(hee hee hee)

Jean said...

Mick - ahem... and, thus, indeed a poophead.

(hee hee back attcha!)

AspergantuS said...

Now for a more serious point of view, but all seriousness aside....THE GIRL IS BACK!!
Great job!!

Jean said...

awww.... blushing here, Mick.

Jean said...

Paquito - welcome... and, where is your blog?

curmudgeon said...

"Parts is parts".

Welcome back!
@#$%ing punk-ass kids and their viruses.


Jean said...

Dave - Bwahaha!
...and, thanks!