Friday, March 30, 2012

Sparky and Spring flowers...

This is Sparky's best side, especially
when I'm trying to take his picture.

I thought last year's winter killed off
the bougainvillea but, they're making
a strong comeback.

I've taken dozens of photos of the jasmine
and this is the only one that was even close
to acceptable. I give up.

Dammit, Spark... stand still!

These plumbago aren't really mine.
They're invading from the neighbor's
side of the fence and mix with the
bougainvillea. I love the color.

One of the gazillion lizard/anoles that
Sparky loves to chase.

His favorite hunting ground is under the rose bushes.

My sister had a port put in her arm Thursday.
Friday (today) at 9am she gets her first chemo treatment.
Our 82 year old uncle (mom's youngest brother and
the last living member of her family) called her today
to tell her he will bring her dinner on Friday.
Mom would be pleased, especially since he got out
of the hospital recently after a heart problem.

The plan is, I'll be moving to Ohio in about a month
to stay with my sister and help take care of her.
Lots to do to make that happen.
My head is spinning but I think it's a good decision.

p.s. Am I rude or what? Forgot to say
to everyone who offered prayers and good thoughts
for my sister. Ya'll are the best of the best. ♥


boneman said...

Looks like you'll have some fine help from Sparky, too.

Love the flowers.

Jean said...

Thanks, dear.

Boxer said...

You are a good soul. I'm so sorry for your Sister. I've been through this with my BIL and Father and it's a difficult journey but the most important thing is that you're there for her and I applaud you. Just take good care of yourself too. You're all in my prayers.

Boxer said...

p.s. love those pix of Sparky.

Jean said...

Thank you, Boxer. All the people around her are helping so much. Strength in numbers I guess. I'm going to continue to hope for the best for her. Last tests showed no cancer invasion in any organs.

(My goofy mutt is less than cooperative when I have the camera out.)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Hope all is well.

Jean said...

Thank you, Mr N. I talked to her late this afternoon and she is doing well. Didn't get home until about 2:30, but so far, so good. She'll be getting another treatment in three weeks.