Friday, March 16, 2012

Point of View...

I understand
that you don't.
from this side
it's clear
you're looking
through mud.
stop stirring the sediment.
it settles for a reason.
now, look again.


Joan of Argghh! said...

This is good. Good stuff.

Freddie said...

If I had half your artistic talent (in ANY area) I'd probably still be blogging.

Please keep it up. You're, like, an island here.

Boxer said...

I read this several times. It's really good. Short, but clear.

Jean said...

I thank ya, Miz Joan.

awww, Freddie, you're just being nice.

Clear. Good. Muddy. Bad.
thanks, Boxer.

the walking man said...

If only...but then to some the mire is all they want to see and not their own reflection that would cause them to see who they really are.

Jean said...

Agreed, Mark. Some use muddy for their own advantage.

kdzu said...

I'm like a big ol' crawfish. I keep things muddy so I can hid or get gone before it settles. Then when it's as if I were never there.

You're on a roll lately, keep it up and add a little butter on the top.

Jean said...

Interesting logic, my friend.
Me? On again, off again. Repeat.

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