Saturday, March 03, 2012

Can't hold my breath forever...

spending too much time
trying to make sense
when there doesn't seem to be
much sense to make.
spending too much time
holding my breath
waiting for the answers
turns me blue.
too old to waste time
turning blue
being dizzy
staying confused.
pretending my name is
Vincent or Emily or Ansel or Georgia or Marjorie K
is time better spent.
I know none of those
names are mine. And
I figured that out
all by myself.


My friends, you touch my heart, again.
I don't know what will happen here or how often.
If it bores you at times, let me know, make a request
or wait for the next post. Maybe you'll like that one better.
If anyone thinks that on-line friendships are meaningless,
well, they don't know shit.
Tell them to talk to me, 'cause if there is something that I
do know... it's shit.

Thank you for being here, and there.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

It's never dull.

boneman said...

Never a dull moment, of that I'm as sure as the rain.
Of course just as sure as, yeah, time is something we all gain.
And NEVER let go of it, why? Because we're too greedy?
Or is it just lonliness that makes us also so needy?

I dunno the answer to that last &
I'm sure of less every day
But then, I'de like to come over to your house and play.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we're in a funk.

When life gives you shit, make shit sandwiches. Don't eat them though. That would be disgusting.

Jean said...

Mr. N, I would kill for dull. (almost)

Berry, lonely doesn't help.

Mark, funk. yes. Another meltdown.
Currently recovering.

Boxer said...

I can't agree more about online friends. My blog and community have saved me more times than I'd like to count. :-) I'm sorry you had a meltdown, but it sounds as if you're moving through it?

You have very legitimate reasons to be down, btw. So don't be too hard on yourself.


Jean said...

Boxer dear, you are SO on my list of online friends.
Being hard on myself is a recurring happening. Been dealing with depression since college so I know that it will subside eventually, but boy, sometimes working through it is a miserable process that scares me.
Thank you xoxo.

kdzu said...

Our here (your there) is brighter when you are there (your here).
Glad you are back (both here and there).

Lennon and McCartney sang "All you need is love"........
that may be so, but a few friends in the blog-o-sphere doesn't hurt. When one leaves, for what ever reason, the sky dims for a longish period. At least it seems long. When the sun comes back out our hearts feel the warmth first.

Jean said...

Larry, you are one of the sweetest of the sweet. I believe in friend-love.